Leading Off

As per usual, the Orioles found a way to torpedo the Bird’s Eye View script for Episode 65 just hours before recording. “Sources” (including MASN’s Roch Kubatko) are reporting that the Orioles have reached an agreement with free agent Ubaldo Jimenez on a contract in the neighborhood of 4 years/$48MM. This contract, as always, is pending a physical. The guys talk about the Jimenez signing, and what it means for the offseason, the ball club, and for the fan base.

All this, naturally, after covering the Drink of the Week, and running through another edition of the TWotT (This Week on the Twitters):

  • Adventures in Ravens fandom
    • Ray Rice – an (upper)cut above the rest
    • Terell Suggs contract extension
  • Orioles fans, and the search for starting pitchingPop culture potpurri
    • Arroyo
    • Burnett
    • Yoon
  • Pop culture potpourri
  • Yeah Jeetz
  • Ubaldo Jimenez: Twitter explodes


Spring Training

String Training 2

The guys take a look at Spring Training topics of the day. With pitchers and catchers reporting back on February 13th, the top stories so far mostly revolve around pitching. Questions include:

  • Who is a starter?
  • Can the Orioles find room for the guys without options?
  • Can big personalities fit on this club?
  • Medical Wing
  • Skills competitions

Many position players have also reported early (full report date is February 18th), and the storylines so far have revolved around infielders and fringe roster spots.


Introduction to Suk-min Yoon


Dean Eastlake of the fantastic Orioles Spastics podcast joins us to welcome newly acquired Suk-min Yoon to the Orioles. Dean, you may remember, was the mastermind behind the Twitter phenomenon known as #ChenTweets. With any luck, he will grace us with his linguistic skills for Suk-min Yoon.

Dean assists with an interview of the new Orioles pitcher in one of the dumbest segments we’ve ever recorded.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Who had a great week? Who had a terrible week? Who made us ashamed to be Orioles fans? Find out in this week’s GB&U. The guys run through their Good, Bad, and Ugly.


Blowing the Save

Most podcasts try to end on a high note – the perfect coda to a quality program. That’s just not our style. Each week, the guys end on a weak note with anything that didn’t fit into the episode, or something they want to get off their chests. It’s our equivlent of taking the ball, and pulling a Kevin Gregg.


Notes and Nags

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