Leading Off

What is this garbage? Episode ninety-nine-and-a-half? C’mon guys, don’t Bird’s Eye View this up.

Sorry to disappoint, but with the Orioles’ season ending, it didn’t seem right to celebrate 100 episodes of Scott and Jake wasting an hour of your life gabbing about Orioles baseball. Instead, we’re going to spend this half episode recovering from the Orioles getting bounced from the ALCS.

With apologies to long time listeners (both of you), we’re going to skip over the TWotT, and go directly to the therapy.


The Hurt

The Orioles were thoroughly thrashed in the ALCS. No sour grapes. No ifs, ands, or buts. They got beat in four straight games, and the Royals looked better in each one of them. The guys discuss the ALCS, and the aftermath.


How do you like me now?

Going into the League Championship series, many Orioles were prepared to root for the Royals if they advanced to the World Series. The story was there – a team wandering in the wilderness for 29 years. A plucky team on its way to the games greatest heights from the Wild Card game. A team built on speed, and defense, and productive outs.

How’s that working for you now?


Story: Jake is a Bad Fan

Jake admits to Scott, the Orioles, and the internet at large that he made some choices for Game 4 of which he is not proud. His payment came in the form of the Universe poking him in the eye, for maximum sadness.



This season ended in excruciating fashion. Though nobody likes to lose, being so close made it somehow even worse. The only thing fans can do at this point is try to move forward. The BEV guys talk about their efforts to get over it, and look forward to the offseason, and the Orioles baseball to follow.