A look at some of the current wagering options for the betting Baltimore fan. For entertainment purposes only, obviously.

Patriots vs. Ravens (-2.5)

I could pontificate about how both teams are historically strong coming off of a loss or how the Ravens haven’t lost a game at home since 2010, but I won’t. Predicting this game comes down to a few simple factors. Do you believe the Ravens defense at their best can limit the Patriots offense? If the answer is no, do you believe Joe Flacco and company can generate enough points to outscore the Pats?

I don’t know what Arizona did to the Pats last week, but one can be sure that whatever Dean Pees schemes up for the Pats this week, the bad boys from Bahston will be ready for it. So to answer my own question, the Ravens will not slow down the Patriots. They will score at least 28 points.

That leaves the responsibility of the offense to score 31. I thought the offense wouldn’t score 31 vs the Bengals and I was wrong. I thought the offense would have done better vs the Eagles, and I was wrong. My gut says that the Ravens will look more like Week 2 than Week 1. If I were you, I would not listen to my gut and take the Ravens minus 2 and 1/2.

Patriots vs. Ravens Over/Under (49.5 points)
These boys will score against each other. It’s going to be Sunday Night. It’s PrimeTime. I think a 28 to 24 score is very probable. I think a 35- 28 score is very doable. This will not be a defensive struggle, and if and when the defenses do step it up, they are both capable scoring on a pick-6.

Take the OVER

Wes Welker – Total Receptions Week 3? (5 1/2)

This week is going to be different for the Pats. Sure, Gronk will be out there, but whoever is replacing Aaron Hernandez (Winslow or Fells) won’t command the same respect as Hernandez. Brady will have to rely on his receivers and a pissed off Wes Welker will be one of them. The Ravens haven’t shut down Welker in the past, no reason to think they will this week.

Welker will have at least 7 receptions. Take the Over.

Random Prop Bet of the Week- Average time of all the Week 3 NFL games (Over / Under – 3 hrs and 11 minutes)

The replacement refs have to know how pissed everybody is at them. They have to know that every sports talk show is complaining about the length of games. They know their time is limited, but yet they want to show that they don’t suck. They will be more aware of the time this week, to the point they will try especially hard to keep things moving. It may not improve quality, but the games won’t be slow this week.

Take the Under