Ravens training camp is dead as we know it, but owner Steve Bisciotti hinted at a few open practices in Annapolis this offseason.The Ravens decision to shut down training camp at McDaniel College has been something that irked me from the minute the team snuck the news out late on a Friday afternoon.  I still believe that this decision proves the team no longer has a desire to grow their fan base or thank the diehards and shows that this team wants to remain out of the spotlight as much as possible.

But you’ve read my complaints and heard me pile on the franchise on the BSR Podcast — I think you get the point.

When the Ravens quietly released the heartbreaking news of a closed training camp in 2012, they promised to provide free practices at M&T Bank Stadium.  Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of the practice experience at the stadium, but at least it’s something.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti added that another public practice in Annapolis is a possibility this offseason.  “I’d like to get one down to Annapolis; it’s my neck of the woods,” Bisciotti said speaking at the State of the Ravens press conference according to Aaron Wilson at Ravens24x7.com.  “So, maybe we can talk with Navy and maybe get it down there in the summertime, which would be good.”

Was the Ravens owner just throwing out ideas or has the team actually looked at a public practice in Annapolis?  The organization pointed to inconvenience as a reason to move from Westminster, I can’t imagine the Naval Academy (even for a day) will be much easier.

“It’s our job to create that access,” Bisciotti added.

You’re damn right it is. But, I’m not holding my breath.

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