Laughter truly is the best medicine and Bleacher Report articles are great for a quality giggle.

While scouring the interwebs for some quality Baltimore Orioles content to discuss with our fun-loving crowd here at BSR, I stumbled upon a slideshow (I’m sure you’re surprised this article is in slideshow format) titled “10 Keys to Beating Orioles and Rays for the Division“.

This insightful piece of internet magic featured such keys as “No More Injuries“, “RBI in RISP” and my personal favorite “Blow Out the Orioles“.

“For whatever reason, the Orioles seem to be winning the games that matter,” the author writes on slide nine. “Buck Showalter is working miracles for the team.”

We call it magic here in Baltimore.

“The Orioles aren’t leading in any offensive categories or pitching stats. Their team is pulling through in close games. That just means the Yankees need to blow them out in the next series.”

Seems easy enough. I guess if the Yankees strategy was to keep it close, that’s not going to work.