After most of the day had passed without anything more than rumors involving Raven activity, I assumed there would be no big moves made today.  But the Ravens made one of the biggest splashes at the start of the free agent signing period by trading for WR Anquan Boldin and quickly extending his contract for another 3 years and $25 million.  Only $10 million of Boldin’s contract is believed to be guaranteed.  In return for Boldin and a 5th round draft pick, the Ravens sent this years 3rd and 4th round draft picks to the Arizona Cardinals.

The move fills a need the Ravens had for a big, physical play-making WR.  Boldin is not a huge vertical threat, but his size and ability to work the middle of the field will be a huge plus in the Ravens passing game.  It remains to be seen how Boldin performs without other huge talents at WR around him but, his skills and size should make attacking cover 2 defenses easier.  Those defenses have given the Ravens particular trouble in recent years, especially the defense played by the Indianapolis football team.

The question is, what do the Ravens do next.  With Boldin and Donte Stallworth in the fold, and assuming that at least Mark Clayton is coming back, will the Ravens tie more money up at receiver and bring back Derrick Mason?  Or do they try and get a young vertical threat in draft?  Or both?  I am curious to hear your thoughts on the Ravens next move to upgrade the passing attack.