The Capitals embarrassed the Penguins at Verizon on Sunday, shutting them out 3-0. Pittsburgh’s forward Matt Cooke gave Alex Ovechkin a knee-on-knee cheap shot in the third period. Ovie jumped up after taking the hit and punched Cooke in the face. When asked about the hit after the game, Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau wasn’t surprised by Cooke’s cheap shot saying “it’s not like it’s his first rodeo.”’s Katie Carrera talked to Boudreau after the game.

“It was Matt Cooke. Need we say more? It’s not like it’s his first rodeo,” Boudreau said. “He’s done it to everybody and then he goes to the ref and says: ‘What did I do?’ He knows damn well what he did. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s good at it and he knows how to do it. He knows how to pick this stuff. We as a league, we still buy into this [idea] that, ‘Oh it was an accidental thing.'”

Cooke told the media they just “clipped skates.” You can make the call in the video above.

Additionally, Matt Bradley said that Cooke had the option to drop the gloves and fight, but that he chose to go to the bench instead.