The Baltimore Orioles front office did something this late in the “Spring” that none of the Orange Kool-Aid drinkers could have imagined just one week ago — they signed a legit starting pitcher who has experience in the AL East (4-3, 2.96 ERA in 2018 over nine starts vs. Boston, New York, and Toronto) to a four-year contract that even includes modern baseball language.

How did Dan Duquette get the authority to make this type of deal with the constraints of a normally squeaker-like ownership you ask?

He didn’t.

Unless you are living under the snow we are getting here in the early days of Spring in the Charm City, you probably know I’m referring to the signing of Alex Cobb for close to $60 million over four years.

This four-year deal would ensure that the Orioles starting rotation — for at least two years — will consist of Dylan Bundy, Kevin Gausman, Alex Cobb, and Andrew Cashner. Now I’m not saying it’s the Braves of the late 90’s type rotation, but for this pitching starved franchise it sounds much better than Ubie, Miley, and some “In House Guy”.

But let’s get back to the main point of this ITW post.

“GM” Dan Duquette had as much to do with this deal getting done as I did.

Brady Anderson‘s fingerprints are all over this as well as the Cashner/Tillman deals. Don’t believe me? See below what Orioles writer Peter Schmuck said about Anderson’s role.

“The deal (Cobb) is more proof of the increasing role of Orioles vice president Brady Anderson, who was instrumental in bringing in Cashner and keeping the lines of communication open with Tillman. He also is believed to have been involved heavily in a very lengthy negotiating process with Cobb, who ended up with the largest pitching contract ever awarded to anyone by the Orioles.”

As I type here, the Orioles will be running down the Orange Carpet seven days from now. I don’t anticipate Cobb will be ready to take the ball that glorious day, but he will be taking the ball every fifth day after.

This move also strengthens the bullpen as potential starting pitcher Miguel Castro can be put back in his middle-relief role. Mike Wright could also be added to that mix once Cobb is ready, but should get the starts while Cobb gets in game shape.

Pitching depth, what a strange concept.

Well, it might not be that strange going forward.

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