Imagine, if you will, a dominant young Ravens receiver, in this case Brandon Marshall, who has endless physical talent as well as the ability to post All-Pro numbers year after year. Think of how much it would benefit Joe Flacco to have a player with this kind of talent at his side. Think of how much a downfield threat would open up the running game, one that is already ranked top-5 in the league.

Now let’s switch gears and think about what kind of person the Ravens would be getting to go with all this talent. Some would ask, does it really matter what a player does off the field? Others would say they don’t care what he does in his spare time as long as he helps us win games. There is much truth to both of these statements, as unethical and immoral as it may sound. If we didn’t want our team to win, why would we even watch the games? The bottom line is that no matter how you look at it, winning matters.

But despite all the good stuff that will happen on the field, it won’t outweigh the bad stuff that happens off the field. Simply put, Marshall is not a good fit for the Ravens organization. The Ravens front office prides itself on being one that holds itself to a higher standard than most other professional organizations. Owner Steve Bisciotti wants the best for the team and their fans, which is part of the reason why he picked the young and fiery Jim Harbaugh to put the team back in order. That plan worked to near perfection last season as the Ravens were a Flacco interception away from being in the Super Bowl.

So why change things this year? Why bring in a guy who has questionable personal values and has had 13 police incidents since 2004 as well as a pending misdemeanor battery charge? The Ravens simply don’t need this disease of a person to infect a locker room that seems to have it all together. There is enough talent on this team right now to be in playoff contention come January.

Marshall is a hell of a player, don’t get me wrong. This is apparent just by looking at the numbers he has piled up in Denver over the past three seasons — 226 receptions for 2,899 yards and 15 touchdowns. It would be nice to see Marshall in purple and black next season from a football standpoint, but it’s simply not going to happen. The Ravens have too much pride to steep down to a low enough level to acquire such a disgruntled player as Marshall.