If Bill Belichick doesn’t get fined, Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes definitely will.

After the New England fell 31-30 to the Baltimore Ravens, spikes called the NFL replacement referees ‘f-ing zebras’. You can fill in the missing letters.

Brandon Spikes calls NFL referees 'f-ing zebras'

I’m not sure why he capitalized ‘Back’. Is it like a movie title? Perhaps a Back To The Future sequel?

I don’t know.

Complaining about NFL referees has become more annoying than political advertisements. If I hear that in four years we’ll be out on the street looting and burning fires and in trash cans hobo-style or that the integrity of the HGH-filled, concussion-ignoring NFL is being damaged by replacement referees one more time, I’m going to lose my marbles.

Losers blame officials.