After punching a dude in the face Brendon Ayabadejo isn’t sorry. The special teams player has seen a lot of time on defense for the Ravens this season and his dumb penalty sticks out as a reason that he probably shouldn’t be among the Baltimore linebackers.

“Wish I coulda had more self control but I’m not wired like that. Had to scratch n claw to get here, gonna keep fightin my tail off to stay,” Ayanbadejo tweeted after the game.

Some apology.  Reminds me of this scene from Wedding Crashers. (Link has some bad language)

I don’t think punching a guy will help his chances of staying, as he put it.

His head coach didn’t appreciate the play either. “You can’t retaliate in that situation you can only take so much but you have to control yourself,” John Harbaugh said according to a tweet by Aaron Wilson.