The man that won the first world championship with the Baltimore Ravens franchise is saying after week one of the 2011 season that this may be the best Ravens team ever.  Former head coach and Fox NFL analyst Brian Billick said that the Ravens cannot be overstated and that he believes they may be the best team in franchise history.

“The way the Ravens beat down the Steelers, given the normally close nature of these games, cannot be overstated. I’m on record as saying this might be the best Ravens team ever, and I still might have underestimated them,” Billick wrote despite ranking Baltimore fourth in his Power Rankings.

It’s my belief that the Ravens have finally built away from the 2000 mold.  The Ravens won their first Super Bowl with one of the best defenses in NFL history, but with little offense.  Since that time, I believe they have tried to replicate that team to win another championship, but the league has changed.  Defense still wins championships, but as we saw again last year that offenses have proven to be more important than in years past.