Juan Samuel has only been the Orioles interim manager for three days, but I have already noticed a few differences in his style from Dave Trembley.

When I attended Friday’s game against the Red Sox and looked at the jumbotron to see Miguel Tejada hitting second I was a little confused. But Amber Theoharis pointed out in today’s game broadcast that Samuel liked his success in the two hole with the Astros last season. Miggy had hit .312 career in that spot going into today’s game. He went 1 for 5 today in a line up that included Ty Wigginton at clean up, Adam Jones hitting sixth and Craig Tatum at eighth for Matt Wieters.

I particularly enjoyed watching Samuel’s reactions to what has been going on in the game. One of the criticisms of Dave Trembley was that he never showed emotion and didn’t hold guys accountable. While the jury is still out on Samuel, it was enjoyable to see him give Adam Jones a hug after he scored in the 8th inning and he let Luke Scott know that he wasn’t real pleased that Scott started a home run trot on a double in the the bottom of the second.

It’s early for sure, but there are certainly personality differences I have enjoyed watching in Juan Samuel.