The Orioles have gotten pushed around by the Boston Red Sox for years, last night Kevin Gregg took it upon himself to put an end to that.  A seemingly ‘roid-raged David Ortiz pointed at the Orioles closer when he threw an inside pitch to him in the eight inning, Ortiz’s reaction cleared the benches.  After Gregg got Ortiz to flyout, he casually jogged to first base, which caused Gregg to direct him to the bag.  That’s where the fun started.

Ortiz charged the mound and punches were exchanged, though none seemed to land.  The best blow was probably delivered by catcher Matt Wieters, who after making a catch at home shoved Ortiz in the the middle of the brouhaha.

Ortiz’s reaction to a couple pitches inside did not sit well with the Orioles after the game.  Here’s what a few of them had to say after the 10-3 loss.

  • Kevin Gregg: “We have just as much of a right to pitch inside as they do.”  “They are going to whine and complain about it because they think they are better than everybody else.”  “We’re not backing down, we’re not scared of them.  Them and they’re $180 million payroll, we don’t care.  We’re here to play the game, we have just as much [of a] right to play the game here and we’re here to win.”
  • Nick Markakis: “I don’t understand why he went after him. It’s a 3-0 pitch, two outs and you have a guy tagging up and a guy swinging at a 3-0 pitch in a six-run game. It doesn’t make sense. He knows the game better than that. Put them on our side and us on their side. It’s a little bush league. Like I said, I’m sure he’s going to look back and realize that he made a mistake, especially charging our pitcher regardless of what was said.”
  • Adam Jones: “I’m not mad at how that situation escalated one bit.”  On if he was proud of how Gregg responded, “couldn’t be prouder.”
  • Zach Britton: “The two pitches that Gregg threw to Papi weren’t even close, so it was unnecessary for him to stare down and act like a tough guy.”  “There’s no reason we’re trying to hit him, we’re getting our ass kicked, we’re not trying to hit him.  You know that’s what you get, Big Papi, he is what he is.”
These comments are coming from a struggling Orioles clubhouse that needs to rebound.  The O’s and Sox have two more games in Fenway before the All-Star break.  Hopefully Ortiz provided the spark that gets the Orioles back on track.