Ravens fans are all to familiar with the bandwagon invasion of black and yellow (I refuse to say gold — this is gold, this is yellow) that occurs during Steelers week.  Broncos fans are about the endure their own version of the obnoxious stadium takeover and are trying to do everything in their power to keep home crowd in the home team’s colors.

Dr. Ron Cypher, a Steelers fan that travels around the country waiving his towel and obstructing the views of the home town fans, told CBS Pittsburgh that he wasn’t allowed to buy tickets to the Broncos game.  “I got online to get tickets for the playoff game, and I got through the entire checkout process until the end and it said because of my zip code, I would not be allowed to buy tickets from the Denver Broncos,” he said.

Poor guy.

For Broncos head coach John Fox, this limitations are only the begininning of his Keep Denver Beautiful campaign.  “We’ve got unique fans here; I would encourage all of them to keep their seats so to speak and not sell any of them to Pittsburgh fans,” Fox said.

I would too, but it never seems to work.  They live in every city.

For the out of towner Dr. Cypher… dude’s got connections.

“I called them and they purchased a ticket for us. I was able to get the ticket that way, so we kind of did an end run that way.”


“It’s amazing. When you go to a stadium and see thousands and thousands of black and gold towels going; it’s just an amazing feeling and we’ve been to every away game,” he said.

“Amazing” wouldn’t be the adjective I’d use.