Browns vs. Ravens will feature return of real refereesI should have known better. The minute that gambling money was affected by the NFL replacement referees I should have figured that Las Vegas would force Roger Goodell’s hand.

They’re back, folks. They’re baaaa-aack.

While you were sleeping, the NFL reached a new collective bargaining agreement with the Referees Association (are you listening NHL?) and ended the referee lockout. Gone are the touchdownceptions, the GIFs of screaming coaches and the $50,000 fines for grabbing the scab refs.

Fans no longer have a scapegoat for why their team sucks and the integrity of the shield has returned.

They’re still not properly addressing the concussion issues, but hey at least the refs are back.

The NFL acted so swiftly in ending these shenanigans that the real refs will be back for Thursday’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns.

Please Mr. Goodell, let us have Ed Hochuli.