According to the Ravens website, Bryant McKinnie is back and on his way to camp. Leave it to Ravens super reporter, Aaron Wilson, to catch him at the airport and find out what really happened. Apparently, the big guy slipped and fell, which caused him to be laid up for a few days with a back injury.

So, I was wrong. The Ravens weren’t hiding an issue with McKinnie’s weight. They were hiding that he had a back injury. Why were they keeping it a secret. McKinnie is wondering the same thing.

Why isn’t anybody saying I got hurt?

I don’t know what people thought was going on. How I got hurt is running out of the house. It was slippery and I fell and hurt my lower back. You can’t be playing football when your back is hurting. When I fell, I said, ‘I know I ain’t going out like this.’

As for McKinnie’s health, we will have to wait and see. Apparently, before the injury, he had made it under 350. So it sounds like he has made some progress. Now, we have to see how serious this back injury is.