Bryant McKinnie owes a strip club over a quarter of a million dollarsBryant McKinnie is making headlines for all the wrong reasons (again).

NBC Miami reports that McKinnie is being sued by Charles “Pop” Young for running up $375,000 in debt at a strip club. If this story wasn’t ridiculous enough, “Pop” is the father rapper Trick Daddy — known for such hits as I’m A Thug and In da wind.

“Pop”, the current CEO of the Queen of Diamonds strip club, says McKinnie agreed to repay the money, but as of now he hasn’t given him a cent.

Of course, McKinnie denies all of this.

If it is true, our friends at Russell Street Report ran the calculations on how one could even spend $375,000 at a strip club.

It ain’t easy.

Bryant McKinnie is being sued for $375k in strip club debt. At $40 per lap dance, that would be 9,375 dances. If songs average four-minutes each, that’s 37,500 minutes of lap dancing. If you convert that into days, $375,000 will buy you 26 days of lap dances!