Taylor Teagarden walkoff: BSMYOur first BSMY matchup in the Weaver Region.

The Orioles Legends statue nights all seemed to be memorable. We’ve got one of those facing off against a very meaningful moment for Ravens safety Ed Reed. Let’s meet our contestants.

#6 Taylor Teagarden Walkoff Against Tigers On Jim Palmer Statue Night

Jim Palmer’s statue was celebrated by an epic walkoff home run off the bat of Taylor Teagarden. The Tigers rallied for 3 in the 9th inning to send it to extras, both teams scored one in the 11th inning, Detroit scored again in the 13th, but Teagarden’s bomb in the 13th sealed the win for the good guys.

#11 Ed Reed Hoists Lombardi Trophy In New Orleans

No matter what Ed Reed does this offseason, at least he was able to get a ring and do so in front of his hometown. Winning the Super Bowl and raising the Lombardi Trophy in New Orleans likely meant more to Reed than any other moment in his career.

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