BSMY: #1 Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP“It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?”
– Rage Against the Machine

Welcome to to the BSMY Tournament. We begin with our very first round one match up in the Robinson Region: #1 “Joe Flacco Named Super Bowl MVP” vs. #16 Baltimore Grand Prix. Flacco’s run through the postseason helped lead the Baltimore Ravens to their first Super Bowl championship in 12 years. It was also earn him a nice, new contract. we’ve never seen a #16 upset a #1 in the NCAA Tournament and the Grand Prix certainly has its work cut out for it in this one.

#1 Joe Flacco Named Super Bowl MVP

Watching Joe Flacco sit along side Mickey Mouse is Disney World was a surreal moment for Ravens fans. While the mainstream media questioned his abilities throughout the season, there was no doubt of Flacco’s abilities when the click expired in New Orleans.

#16 Baltimore Grand Prix

Can this underdog pull off an upset? I guess that’ll depend on how much you enjoy your IndyCar racing. The Baltimore Grand Prix returned to Charm City for a second consecutive year. Despite the lovely traffic it creates, the Grand Prix has quickly become the Labor Day tradition in Baltimore.

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