Chris DavisOur first matchup in the second round from the Modell Region.

#1 4th and 29
his play in a season of unforgettable moments, will go down in the annuals of Ravens history. With the Ravens trailing 13-10 with 1:59 left in the 4th quarter, the offense was faced with the seemingly impossible task of converting on 4th and 29.

With the Chargers defense sitting deep, Joe Flacco found Ray Rice on a dump off pass in the flat. Cutting to his left, Rice made three Chargers whiff on tackles. Without a crushing block from Anquan Boldin on safety Eric Weddle, Rice doesn’t get the extra yards needed for the first down. The football, originally spotted at the 33 yard line, was then moved to the 34 and measured again giving the Ravens a first down and new life. Justin Tucker kicks the field goal to tie the game and the rest is history. “Hey Diddle Diddle, Ray Rice Up The Middle.”

#8 Chris Davis Strikes Out Adrian Gonzalez
It was a crazy season for the Orioles and no moment could sum it up better than this one. When Chris Davis was called to pitch in emergency relief for the O’s against the Red Sox in the 17th inning, no one expected him to walk away victorious.

Not only did he, but he struck out the Red Sox $154 million man, Adrian Gonzalez. I’m still smiling about it today.

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