#1 Orioles First Playoff Win At Camden Yards Since 1997 Vs. #8 Chris Davis Strikes Out Adrian Gonzalez

Orioles first playoff win at OPACYLund: I will say I’m a little surprised that Chris Davis striking out Adrian Gonzalez is in the Final Four, but if any moment has the back story to last this long, its that one. Davis became the first player to go 0-8 from the plate and get the win in relief since Rube Waddell on July 4, 1905.


However, the O’s first playoff win at Camden Yards was long overdue and so worth being able to see. The O’s came back in Game 2 after losing in a heart breaking way in Game 1 and got the win in front of the home crowd. It wiped away 14 years of pain and misery that one fanbase felt the weight of. Without a doubt, the first O’s playoff win at OPACY since Bill Clinton was POTUS is the winner for me. This match up really comes down to how much people weigh a playoff win for a starved fanbase or a once in a lifetime moment coming from a game in early May.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red SoxZach: What a Cinderella story. I honestly can’t believe how much everyone loved Chris Davis striking out Adrian Gonzalez. It was an amazing moment and one that I voted for throughout the BSMY Tournament. As a stand alone moment, I can understand how it made it this far, but against its opponent, I just can’t vote for it.

I was fortunate enough to be in the stands for the Orioles first win at Camden Yards since 1997. I dealt with the rain delay, bared with Yankees fans down the row and waved my Buckle Up towel as I witnessed history. I’ll never forget it and it’s got my vote in this matchup.

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