Adam Jones talks about frustrations of going on the road for the wild card game#1 Orioles First Playoff Win In Camden Yards Since 1997 Vs. #2 Adam Jones Home Run On Ripken Night

Zach: I know the other guys are going to think I’m crazy, but I have to go with Adam Jones’ homer on Ripken night. I sat in the cheap seats and watched the ball leave the Yard. I screamed louder than I ever have before. This tournament is about finding the best moment in Baltimore sports over the past year, there’s no doubt in my mind this is it.

Lund: Here’s a moment where I cry out, “why does Jonesy’s home run have to go up against this one?!” but that’s why this tournament is tough. I love Jones’ home run to give the O’s the lead against the Yankees in a very important game on Ripken sculpture night. However, the first playoff win at Camden Yards is a moment that will resonate with me on just how much this city loves the Orioles. That roar from the crowd after Jim Johnson closed it out is all I need to remember as this moment moves on to the Final Four.

Patrick: This one’s simple to me. Regular season win vs. playoff win. Cal Ripken’s statue night may have been the best regular season game of 2012, and in any of the past 15 years that would probably be enough to move it through to the Final Four. But playoff wins just mean more. I’m sure that Adam Jones will be fine with his monumental home run riding off into the sunset against the biggest Baltimore baseball accomplishment since the Clinton administration.

Jabby: For me the playoff win vs. the Yanks in Game 2 was one of the best sporting nights of my pathetic life. AJ’s bomb on Ripken night was special, especially under the circumstances (almost blowing the lead). But for me there won’t be a better feeling than when JJ got the final out of the nail biting 3-2 win that evened the series. Well, until the Orioles next home playoff game. Also, the crowd that night was as good of a baseball crowd as I’ve experienced. Game 1 was more of a “happy we made it crowd”, but after losing that one the angry Baltimore sports fans were out in force from the first pitch to the final out in Game 2.

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