Ravens final stand: BSMY

The first match up of the day in the Weaver region feature two great Ravens moments. Winner advances to the Sweet 16 in the BSMY Tournament. Let’s look at the match up.

#1 – Ravens Final Stand In Super Bowl

Who knows what would have happened in the Super Bowl if the 49ers reached the end zone on their final possession. Would Justin Tucker made a game winning field goal? Would Joe Flacco be able to lead the Ravens down the field one more time? Thankfully, we’ll never know the answers to these questions because they don’t matter. The Ravens stopped the ’9ers and the good guys won.

#8 – Jacoby Jones TD Return and Dance Against The Steelers

This play gets its staying power from two places. One, is the situation: Baltimore was trailing Pittsburgh 7-3 at the time of the return. Two, the dance. You have to be pretty damn confident in your ability to return punts to have a dance like THAT in the can ready to use. When we get Jacoby for an exclusive interview for the Podcast, he’ll have to decipher it for me. I got the juggling act, but after that he lost me until he locked it up at the end. It’s the like the Inception of end zone dances, the deeper I go the more questions I have.

The return is beautiful in its simplicity, no dancing around or questionable blocks. Jacoby just took two or three sidesteps, found a crease, and pressed the pedal to the floor. This was Baltimore’s only touchdown of the game, due to the Steelers defense more or less locking up Joe Flacco (20/32, 164 yds), Ray Rice (20 car, 40 yds) and company. Without it, there’s a very good chance the Ravens would have dropped the season series to Pittsburgh, and greatly altered their chances of eventually winning the Super Bowl.

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