Earl Weaver’s statue being unveiled is the 10 seed matching up against the 2 seed moment in Denver simply called, “Prayer in Thin Air.” This is the third match up in the Weaver region and the winner moves onto the Sweet 16.

#10 – Earl Weaver’s Statue Is Unveiled

Baltimore lost their greatest manager this winter. Thankfully Earl Weaver was able to watch the O’s return to the playoffs and was able to attend the six Orioles Legend ceremonies. Seeing his statue unveiled must have been quite a moment for the Hall of Famer.

#2 – Prayer in Thin Air

jacobyIf 4th and 29 goes down in Ravens history, then the Prayer in Thin Air is right there with it, and probably higher because of the meaning of the play.

Its a moment you remember exactly where you were when it happened. I happened to be with family when the impossible happened, and we went absolutely bat crazy.

The Ravens trailed 35-28 to the Broncos with 42 seconds left in regulation. On a 3rd-and-3, Flacco evaded pressure, stepped into the pocket and threw a bomb down field to Jacoby Jones. The play worked to perfection as both corner back Tony Carter and safety Rahim Moore whiffed on knocking the pass down, sailing perfectly into the waiting arms of Jones for the 70-yard touchdown to tie the game.

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