From the Unitas Region, here comes The GIF versus The Kick.

#11 Mark Reynolds Missed High Five With Buck Showalter
When he first came to Baltimore, Buck’s reputation was as a tireless taskmaster. Who knew he would turn out to be legitimately funny (the beginnings of his press conferences are gold).

This was probably the funniest in game moment. Reynolds hits his first dinger of the season versus Boston, Buck gets snubbed on the high five and caps it with a fist pump. I can’t think of many managers who are loose and easygoing during the game, but after that moment, Buck improbably made the list.

#3 Justin Tucker Kick Wins It For Ravens In 2 OT
This was the culmination of one of the most improbable playoff wins I’ve ever seen. Obviously there’s the “Prayer in Thin Air”, and the Corey Graham interception. But just like in 2012, in the end it came down to a kicker. Fortunately, this time the Ravens had one with ice in his veins.

In case you don’t remember, Justin Tucker’s game winner was from 47 yards out. It wasn’t a chip shot by any means, and if he had missed it, Peyton Manning would have had the ball with decent field position on the 30-yard line. But the Ravens really had no need to worry about that. In a year full of great Ravens performances, Tucker was a phenomenal 30-for-33 during the regular season, and more importantly 4-for-4 in the playoffs. He put the cherry on top of one of the great Ravens wins in franchise history.

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