Justin Tucker game winner#3 Justin Tucker GW Kick In Double OT

Why It Should Win

Obviously the Super Bowl was the biggest win of the season for the Ravens, but double OT at Mile High took the cake for most exciting. The momentum pitched and swung violently throughout the entire game, with the Ravens finally triumphing thanks to their brilliant rookie kicker.

Tucker converted on 90.9% of his kicks for the season, an absurd percentage for a rookie and the second highest in Ravens franchise history (Matt Stover was 93.9% in 2007). But kickers make their money in the playoffs, where points are tougher to come by and the pressure is stifling.

This kick clinched the Ravens best win of the season, and by far the most impressive road win of the John Harbaugh error. And to reiterate what I said in the first round, this kick gets yet another boost from the degree of difficulty. Even in the thin air, 47 yards isn’t a guarantee in practice for most kickers, let alone in the biggest game of the season.

Adam Jones talks about frustrations of going on the road for the wild card game#2 Adam Jones HR On Cal Ripken Jr Statue Night

Why It Should Win

For my money, there’s nothing like a big home run to electrify a crowd, and this bomb from Adam Jones was no exception. The game itself was enough to put most O’s fans into the nearest shrink chair. Four first inning runs gave Baltimore a comfy cushion to work with, and going into the 8th with a 6-1 lead and an exceptional bullpen made the O’s seem like a lock to back up Ripken statue night with a W.

But the Yankees roughed up the combination of Randy Wolf and Pedro Strop in the top of the 8th, and by the end of the inning, the game was back level with the heart of the Orioles order going against the Yankees outstanding setup man David Robertson.

Robertson had everything going for him heading into this matchup: he had been all but unhittable since the All-Star break (24 IP, 1.88 ERA), and had particularly bedeviled Jones in their brief history (2/13, .154 AVG). But as plenty of O’s fans saw plenty of times last year, a red hot Adam Jones (.360 AVG in September) can level the playing field in a hurry. And he did just that when Robertson left a fastball belt high over the middle.

The 422-foot solo shot touched off a fireworks show that would go on to include home runs from Davis and Reynolds. But none made the Camden crowd jump to their feet quite like the first one from the franchise centerfielder.

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