Its the final match up in the Robinson region on day two in the Baltimore Sports Moment of the Year Tournament, and we end with a 3 vs. 14 showdown.

#3 O.J. Brigance Speaks To Team After Winning AFCCG

briganceIn one of the best moments after the Ravens defeated the New England Patriots to advance to Super Bowl XLVII, former player and part of the Ravens 2000 championship team, O.J. Brigance delivered an emotional speech to the Ravens in the locker room while presenting the Lamar Hunt trophy for their victory.

Brigance, confined to a wheelchair while he battles the devastating disease known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, said this to his team while millions watched courtesy of CBS Sports cameras.

“Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens. Your resiliency has outlasted your adversity. You are the AFC Champions. You are my mighty men. With God, all things are possible.”


#14 Matt Wieters Steals Two Bases

Matt Wieters isn’t the speediest Oriole to ever grace the base paths. In fact, in 2012 he had three stolen bases which is the most he’s ever stolen in his four-year career.

Matt Wieters Steals Two Bases Against Tampa Bay Rays
Image Credit: MASN’s Orioles Facebook Page

Two of those stolen bases came in one night. On August 4th against the Tampa Bay Rays the O’s won 4-0, but all anyone could talk about afterwards was how Matt Wieters became Lou Brock for one night.

Wieters stole both bases off starter Jeremy Hellickson who doesn’t have the quickest delivery to the plate with runners on. Still, an impressive feat for a guy who’d rather throw you out with his arm than show off his running prowess.


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