In the final match of the 1st round, the 3 seed takes on the 14 seed out of the Modell region.

#2 – Torrey Smith’s Game Against the New England Patriots

torreyI’m going to be transparent and say that this is my dark horse in this tournament. Even as a Jets fan, try as I might, I can’t help but root for Torrey Smith, who was far and away my favorite college football player at Maryland. By every account that I’ve read, he’s a better person than football player who thrived despite a difficult childhood. But I don’t think anything could’ve been more difficult than this.

The night before a prime time game versus the New England Patriots, Smith’s brother Tevin Jones was fatally injured in a motorcycle crash. After spending all day grieving with his family, Smith made the decision to play the game in his brother’s memory. The pre-game coverage was touching, with a number of Ravens players talking to a clearly still emotional Smith in anticipation of the kick off.

And then from whistle to whistle, Smith dominated, producing possibly his finest game as an NFL wide receiver. His final haul totaled 6 catches for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns on the way to a 31-30 Baltimore victory. It was great to see Smith find some sort of triumph in tragedy, and it’s a moment that I’ll personally never forget from this Ravens season.

#15 – Adam Jones Demolishes A Ball In Toronto 

Adam Jones finishes sixth in AL MVP VotingWhy can’t this be facing any other moment in the tournament? I love this play, because in terms of showcasing sheer athletic ability, Jones nearly hitting one through Rogers Centre is near the top of the list.

To set the stage, top of the 6th inning, game tied at one bases empty. Jones is facing Kyle Drabek, and Drabek leaves a fastball up in the zone. You know those power hitters that say stuff like “I don’t even try to hit home runs, I’m just trying to hit singles”? Jones will never be one of those, and that’s part of what I love about watching him. He practically swung out of his shoes on this pitch, definitely intending to inflict maximum damage on the ball. And fortunately for him and us, he connected.

452 feet later, the ball caromed off some luxury boxes in left field. This was the longest Orioles home run of the season, and just knowing that Jones is capable of something like that makes his at-bat’s some of the most fun to watch in the majors.


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