Bernard Pollard crushes Stevan Ridley: BSMYAnother baseball vs. football matchup from the Modell Region of the BSMY Tournament.

No one will ever forget watching Bernard Pollard take out yet another New England Patriot. Orioles fans who were scarred by Mark Teixeira’s free agency rejection still enjoy watching the Birds beat up on his beloved Yankees. This should be a good one. Ready — FIGHT!

#4 Bernard Pollard Crushes Stevan Ridley

Pollards shot on Ridley was not just a vicious, bone crushing hit, but also a momentum changer for the Ravens in their AFC Championship rematch against the Patriots. Ridley dropped the ball to the turf and the Ravens recovered to keep their eight point lead safe. The Pats had nothing after that.

#13 Mark Teixeira Game Ending GIDP

The final out of an Orioles 5-4 victory against the Yankees came on a Mark Teixiera double play. Tex slid head first into the bag (a no-no) and replay showed that he was clearly safe. After the game he ripped the umpires for their call.

Sometimes you wonder if the umpires are just trying to get out of there. They don’t want you to make a comeback. They want to go home because those were terrible calls. It is what it is. We are out there fighting. I’m out there playing on one leg. I wish it had gone my way.


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