2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks And Predictions

Let me first thank the 127 of you BSR P1’s for joining this year’s pool.

Whether it was fueled by the Terps surprising run (they are going to be sick in 2105-16), this year’s pool attracted our highest participation according to BSR Bracket historian, Matt C. Lund.

But enough of the backslapping, it’s time to break down the possible scenarios for the “Orioles Elite Tickets”, the Growler from our boy The MD BeahGuy and sticker pack from our friends at CrabStickers.com.

If Kentucky plays and beats Duke (which is the highest odds), “New to Corona’s Groovy” would win the pool with 129 total points.

If Duke beats Kentucky, “Maurice’s Wonderful” would win with a solid 154 points.

If Wisconsin beats Duke or if Duke beats Wisconsin, “Jacob’s Phenomenal Bracket” would take the top prize with 168, 159 points respectively.

If Kentucky beats Michigan State in the final, “Glen’s 47 Bracket” would win with 154 points.

If Michigan State pulled the one-outer and beats Kentucky, “Steeny’s Super Bracket” would win with 153 points.

If Wisconsin beats Michigan State, “Scott Bank’s Super Bracket” would win with 155 points.

And finally, if Michigan State beats Wisconsin, “Andrew’s Amazing Bracket” would win with 146 points.

Good luck to all and thanks for participating!