5,000 posts on BaltimoreSportsReport.comHey friends.

Just a quick note. In looking through our stats on WordPress a week or so ago, I discovered that we were nearing the 5,000 post mark. Being sports fans, I know we’re all about statistics so I figured I would dedicate this particular post to patting ourselves on the back as it’s a nice even number to use as a milestone.

I published my first piece on Baltimore Sports Report on October 25, 2007. It was about something Adalius Thomas said to Bart Scott — or maybe vice versa — it’s so bad I don’t want to re-read it.

This blog has been alive for 1,789 days which would mean we have posted an average of 2.79 times per day over the past five years. I think that number has gone up substantially.

Today we’re cranking out quality content to thousands of readers per day with a slick new design (humblebrag), support from some great sponsors and we couldn’t be happier with the growth of our blog.

Thanks for reading, listening to the podcast, commenting and chiming in on Facebook and Twitter. It certainly wouldn’t be worth the time without our readers.

And thanks to GableSigns for continuing to support our work.

Here’s to 5,000 more. (Isn’t that what people say at milestones?)