The Baltimore Orioles will be running down the orange carpet in a few short hours — it’s Opening Day! That means it’s time to get our predictions in. Here’s the question of the week for the BSR staff:

How many games will the Orioles in 2018?

Cody Colston

I make a firm prediction of 81-81. This team’s performance will be entirely dependent on whether or not they can kick the injury bug and the young talent take the next step. Best case scenario is 90 wins and a Wild Card appearance if that happens. Cautiously optimistic about the pitching this year. I’m more worried about consistent offense than anything. In the end, I lean more towards .500 because I can’t get let down if I don’t get my hopes up.

Connor Guercio – I believe the Orioles will win 78-81 games this season. If all goes well though, I can see them breaking between 86-88 wins which would definitely put them in contention for a Wild Card spot. Like always, starting pitching will be the biggest worry for the O’s. If they can replicate the luck the 2014 rotation had with an added benefit of hopefully no injuries, you’re in a good spot.

Jabby Burns – Orioles will finish 87-75 squeaking out the second Wild Card spot and face the BOSox at Camden North for the right to play the Astros in the ALDS. Manny, Schoop, Davis and Mancini hit 30+ HRs and Bundy wins 15 games. Anthony Santander will emerge in the summer as the everyday RF. Trumbo will be hurt all year and Michael Givens will take the Closer role until Britton comes back in early sept for the stretch run. Schoop gets extended during the year.

Jake English – Predictions are hard enough, what I’m struggling with right now is how to feel about the Orioles in 2018. Up until the Cobb signing, I was a glass-half-empty guy, and now I’m trying not to let my cup spill over with Orange Kool Aid. Realistically, this is a middle-of-the-pack team that, with a little luck, might sneak into contention for the second AL Wild Card spot. However, in 2012, I predicted that the team would lose 100 games, so I feel like it’s my duty to Birdland to predict the same (it seems to be the only surefire way to a 93 win season).

Mike Long – 85-86 wins. Despite the concerns heading into spring training, the O’s will start the season with seemingly their best rotation of the Buck Showalter era. I truly believe the Orioles have a chance to surprise some teams and contend for one of the two AL Wild Card spots. Look for Manny Machado to put up MVP numbers in his contract season, and the rest of his teammates to put any and all trade talk to rest. I think the front office will add, not subtract at the deadline, giving it one more go down the stretch. Here’s to a healthy 2018, and more meaningful September baseball at Camden Yards!

Tejus Kulkarni – The Orioles beat projections and end the regular season with 85 wins and earn the 2nd Wild Card spot. For the first time in a long time, they are paced by the starting rotation, led by the youngest of the group, Dylan Bundy. Because they’re competing, the Orioles are buyers at the trade deadline and don’t get the opportunity to trade Manny Machado nor Zach Britton. Ending the season with no World Series and no haul of prospects, we’re left wondering, “was it worth it?”

Trevor Coglan – The Orioles will win 88 games this season. The bats will be there, and they will be in contention enough to not be sellers at the deadline. There might not be enough pitching to make a playoff push, but, who knows?

Zach Wilt -No one ever doubts the Orioles offense and with Manny Machado in a walk year, I think the bats will be even stronger this season than they were in 2017. If the Orioles get mediocre pitching, which I expect they will with the additions of Alex Cobb and Andrew Cashner, I see no reason why the Birds won’t stick around and contend for October this season. I’ll take 88 wins.