Buck Showalter comments on Orioles potential roster changesWhat am I going to do without comments like this from Orioles manager Buck Showalter?

“That’s what’s so sad. You see them and they know. This time of the year, you look at somebody and you shake their hand and you linger a little bit. It gets emotional. And I’m an old fuddy-duddy. I don’t apologize for it. They mean a lot to me and when you go through that many things together, you’ve got to summon some real strong will to get through some of those conversations. I hate good-byes. It’s, ‘See you later,’ and this game has a way … everybody crosses paths. But it’s tough. Coming in here today, I wasn’t in a hurry. You try to give everybody the time they deserve, and gosh, if you did that, it would be three hours for every guy. Just a look in Jim Johnson’s eyes. ‘No need to say anything, right?’ And I go, ‘Exactly.’ And you look at each other for a little while. And whether it’s Mark Reynolds or … Guys get it. They know what’s going on. They know the competitiveness of it. Not my job. I take the people our scouts who did such a good job, Dan this year. My job is to manage the 25 we break Sarasota with. And that’ll be right around the corner.”

Now I’m sad all over again Buck.

I just wish this team could stay exactly how it is now and have their pitchers and catchers report in a week or so. I’m still having a hard time saying good bye to the 2012 Orioles.