Buck Showalter

The end of the baseball season is always sad. It’s hyped up in February and March, kicks off in April and May, I enjoy its action all throughout June, July and August and by September, I’m just wishing it will slow down.

I hate seeing the season come to an end.

44,230 fans showed up to Camden Yards on Sunday to watch the Orioles defeat the Red Sox 7-6. Nothing new — the O’s finished 2013 11-8 against Boston after going 13-5 last season.

The Birds sold out Camden Yards seven times this year, recording a season attendance of 2,357,101, their highest total since 2005. After the game, a clearly emotional Orioles skipper Buck Showalter commented on what the fan support means to him and the team.

“We don’t take it for granted. And what happens is, my dad never was a great patter-on-the-backer or whatever. It was just expected. But every once in a while he’d say, ‘I’m proud of you,’ and them showing up today, that’s their way of saying they’re still proud of the team and the competitiveness they’ve had. It’s frustrating for our fans not to get where we wanted to get, but I think a lot of it, they want it for the right reasons, because they knew that our club effort-wise and sincerity-wise was worthy of it. And that’s what frustrating. It’s not always fair.”

182 days until Opening Day 2014.