Not that 'Buster.'

Your first place Baltimore Orioles are finally getting a little national love.

Not from ESPN’s Power Rankings, but from baseball insider Buster Olney.

On Monday’s Mike and Mike in the morning, Olney joined the Mikes and discussed the biggest surprise stories in baseball.  After telling people that Yu Darvish can throw faster with his left hand than Jamie Moyer can, Olney threw a nice little compliment Baltimore’s way.

“We’re going to find out a whole lot about the Orioles over the next fifteen games because they get to face the Red Sox,  the Yankees, the Rangers and the Rays,” he said.  “This is the meat grinder portion of their schedule.  I think they’re better than people realized.  Buck Showalter has them playing really well.”

It certainly won’t be easy.  The Orioles face AL East opponents in 17 of their next 28 games.  In May, the only teams they face with losing records in 2011 are the Royals and Nationals.