Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was asked about how much control quarterback Joe Flacco has on the offenseAn internet rumor started by TheSidelineView.com had Ravens fans furious at Cam Cameron yesterday.  Although let’s be honest, we’ve been looking for an excuse to be mad at Cam — it had been a few months.

TheSidelineView.com tweeted on Thursday that Ravens guard Ben Grubbs told Jim Miller on his radio show that the “Ravens won’t let [Joe] Flacco audible.”  The only problem was that Grubbs never mentioned anything about Flacco’s audibling abilities.

The Ravens media caught on to the rumor and asked Cam Cameron if Grubbs’ comments were indeed true.

Joe has a lot of flexibility and it varies from game to game,” Cameron reassured reporters according to CBSSports.com.  “Sometimes it’s not always tied to what the quarterback can do, it depends on your offensive line and there is a lot of factors that go into an audible. I guess the best way for me to be able to word it is that there is nothing we wouldn’t be able to do with Joe Flacco at quarterback in any aspect of the game.”

So, can Flacco audible?  I never read an answer in all of that political coach speak.