Last week, Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron took responsibility for the Ravens offensive struggles and told the media that he knows “how to get it fixed.” After an 34-28 overtime win against the Houston Texans, Cam was wrong.

The Ravens started early against the Texans, scoring 21 points before walking into the locker room at halftime.  Joe Flacco was 15 for 22 with 152 yards passing and two touchdowns in the first thirty minutes.  But when the time came for Cam Cameron to put away Houston, the Ravens offense fell flat once again.

The Ravens lone seven points in the second half came in the first 15 seconds, when David Reed returned the kickoff 103 yards.  Baltimore had the ball for just four minutes and 28 seconds in the third quarter, ran just ten plays for 42 yards and failed to convert on third down.

When Cam’s offense had a chance to pick up the Ravens defense after they let Matt Schaub and Houston come within eight points of the lead, the Ravens fell again.  On 3rd and 2 with 2:58 left in the game and the Texans with no timeouts remaining, Cameron elected to pass the ball instead of run.  The incompletion saved Houston forty seconds and set up their game tying 95 yard drive.

After the game, Ray Rice talked about the play call.  “When you consider yourself a playmaker, you want to ball.” Rice said. “And I want it.”  Terrell Suggs also expressed his concern for the Ravens inability to finish off their opponents, “a win is a win, but the story all season is put teams away,” Suggs said. “If you want to win championships, you got to put teams away.” John Harbaugh told the media that the play call “wasn’t so much about the clock, but about getting the first down.”

Again we have to ponder whether Cameron’s play calling, given all of his talent, will cost him his job at the end of the season.  What do you think?