I’m stressed out. March Madness is a blast, but the Big East just about ruined my bracket and I’m beginning to worry about the O’s.

On Monday, I read a great article by Steve Melewski at MASNSports.com. Melewski addressed some of the concerns fans have had with the Orioles spring performance and assured me that every thing is going to be alright. I’m still hoping that he’s right, but now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s okay to worry five days later.

Baltimore has posted a bad Spring Training record, but honestly, I’m not worried about that. Sure, you want to win at any level of play, but Spring Training is a time for building and preparing for the season. You can’t pay too much attention to the record because so many substitutions are made at every position through out the duration of a nine inning exhibition.

But record aside, there are a few reasons to be concerned. Matt Wieters is hitting .111 in 18 at bats this Spring. Rick Dempsey commended his performance behind the plate in the radio broadcast against the Blue Jays, but Matt has struggled in the batter’s box so far. Nolan Reimold has had the same issue. He’s 0 for 15 and visibly upset with his spring slump. Reimold may still be dealing with his achilles injury and may start the season on the disabled list to fully recover.

While we’re talking about injuries, you’ve got to be concerned with Brian Roberts. The club has refused to use the term “set back,” but I don’t see how they can avoid it now that Roberts ventured back to Baltimore to receive an epidural injection for his herniated disk in his back. You’ve got to think that the Orioles will have Ty Wigginton starting at second base on opening day, but losing B-Rob is much worse than losing a second baseman. You’re losing an All Star fielder, a doubles machine, a threat on the bases and a great lead-off hitter.

BSR reported yesterday that Koji Uehara, who was having a great spring with a 1.69 era in 6 games, just went down with a hamstring injury. Uehara could be a solid reliever for the Orioles, but his loss eliminates some of the competition Baltimore was having in for the final bullpen spot.

What’s going on in Sarasota? How serious are these injuries? I don’t have the answers, but I’ve got this discomfort in the pit of my stomach when I think about how this club will look opening day if these issues aren’t resolved.

Are you worried?