We have all heard about it all year.

ESPN spends half of its time detailing the “pursuit of perfection” while all across America the 10-year-old band wagon fans are fleeing to the Randy Moss jerseys.

But we all know the NFL playoffs are certainly different from the regular season and the Jags have come screaming into the playoffs full of emotion ready to bump off the highest number one team in the NFL since the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Without a doubt the New England Patriots are the most feared team in the NFL this year, and if they win three more games then they will be the most feared team in history.

But the NFL is full of surprises and upsets, why not the Jags?

Its no secret that the Patriots have struggled against a good run offense.

Baltimore’s Willis McGahee took advantage of the Pats with 30 carries for 138 yards. McGahee averaged 4.6 yards per carry and took one into the end zone.

Jacksonville relies heavily on their running game and have two backs that are ready to bust through New England.

Fred Taylor rushed for over 1200 yards this year and averages 5.4 yards a carry, while Maurice Jones-Drew has rushed for 768 yards and 4.6 yards a carry. Watch out Pats.

16-0 is undeniably the best in the NFL, but the Jaguars finished a quiet 11-5, winning six of their last eight and beating three playoff teams along the way.

David Garrard did throw two interceptions in Jacksonville’s road win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but his touchdown and 58 rushing yards proved that he can keep a cool head in big games.

Despite finishing with a perfect regular season record the Patriots beat the Ravens, Eagles, and Giants by just three points a piece.

Its no secret that Jacksonville is full of confidence, their official website said the Patriots ‘cheated in one game’ earlier this week. But the Jags are going to have to continue that mentality to push the stumbling Patriots over the edge Sunday.

Can they do it?

I say on any given Sunday anything can happen.