Orioles fans have to be breathing a little easier knowing that April is behind them. You’ve got to hope that the April showers are over and the Orioles, as the saying goes, will blossom in May. Turn the page on your calendar and don’t look back, it’s time for new beginnings.

With last night’s dramatic 10 inning win over the Boston Red Sox, I am hopeful that this club will play up to their potential for their remaining 139 games of the season.

May already feels better than April. Brad Bergesen is off to a new beginning with the Orioles after a strong confidence boosting performance in AAA Norfolk. Bergesen pitched seven innings surrendering only two earned runs on six hits. The hope for Bergy is that he will be able to once again find the release point on his sinker.

Koji Uehara will likely be activated to provide support for a struggling Baltimore bullpen. The Japanese relief pitcher has struggled with injuries and appeared exhausted in the Baltimore heat as a starter. A one inning role may be just what the doctor ordered for Koji.

The pop for Nick Markakis at the plate is just in time for the Orioles to begin playing the way they should have in April. Markakis is 13 for 42 in his last 10 games and is proving to be a patient hitter, an issue he has struggled with in recent years early in the season.

Though their “potential” can, and often is, debated on BSR, every fan feels that the Orioles underperformed in April. No one thinks this club will win 25 games all year. They have to put a terrible start behind them and not look back. Welcome to May.