Chad Johnson, or Chad Eight-Five as I so lovingly call him, has already started talking smack about the Ravens/Bengals match up. In a Twitter war with Fabian Washington, Johnson called out the Ravens‘ secondary.

Below is a transcript, good luck translating.

OGOchoCinco: “@FABEWASH31 bruh you in trouble Sunday, you gone kiss da baby, this ain’t a threat it’s a promise. I’m shutting the front door on you!!!!!”

OGOchoCinco: “@Foxworth24 cmon son, how you cover me with a last name like fox<—you ain’t Vivica son! It’s on Sunday,I’m not being cocky, i’m that good!”

FABEWASH31: “trust me home boy it’s going down. Believe dat”

OGOchoCinco “don’t do that, don’t talk back son, know yo competition son, this ain’t madden, you really hit to see me”

OGOchoCinco “tell Vivica Foxworth he better just sit this game out!!!”

FABEWASH31: “this water running up hill. Str8 pressure”

OGOchoCinco “huh!!! Shut the front door!! You betta pray you got help every down, watch the clevland film, 2 man every down<—WTF!!!”

FABEWASH31: “really if u watched the film u can c I had no help. But good night it’s past my bed time”

OGOchoCinco “bed time, you ain’t gonna be able to rest, cmon son, have a dream like Martin Luther king son you will get embarassed Sunday”