Too many Ravens fans want a third match up against the Steelers in Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship. But come on Baltimore, let’s be smart here. The road to Tampa has been incredibly challenging for the Ravens and we need to root for the easiest path to get there.

We need a light game. The Ravens haven’t had a game off in 17 weeks, they’ve got to be tired. Thank goodness they played the Titans Saturday. We get a bye day…I hope they’re enjoying it!

The Steelers can’t beat the Ravens 3 times in a year, right? I would say wrong. And why would we want to find out? The Steelers have seen the Ravens so many times that the organized chaos of the Ravens defense is more organized that chaotic for them. They run a quick no huddle offense against Baltimore that always shakes up the Ravens and rely on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who is used to being their leader. Against our secondary, I’d much rather face the Chargers.

LT is out. Not that anyone can run on the Ravens, but we all know that LaDainian Thomlinson doesn’t play in big games. For whatever reason he always seems to have an injury. If the Chargers win today, count on LT standing on the sideline in a big jacket wearing his helmet with that black shield in front of his face. LT is a coward.

How are the Chargers even here? Come on. Realistically the NFL should have allowed another Wild Card team instead of an 8-8 team that backed into the playoffs. Sure they beat the Colts, but the Colts are the most over rated team in the NFL.

Always count on Norv. Anything Norv Turner touches goes to sh**. We all know it. He can take talent and transform it into garbage. So if the Chargers win today, you know there is a great chance of them losing in a Championship game next week. He’s already lost two Conference championships, one with San Diego last week, and one with Washington in 1999.

Lets go Bolts.