Today in the SVP Lounge, Baltimore Sports and Life’s Chris Stoner drops by to discuss Maryland’s chance to win the Big Ten, Saturday’s test at Purdue, Melo Trimble’s slump, what will constitute a successful season, the ideal match-up for March and more.

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Topics discussed include:

  • Chris Stoner from Baltimore Sports and Life joins the show today
  • Wisconsin drops Iowa and puts Maryland in a spot where they control their own destiny to win the Big Ten
  • Chris believes the Terps can win the Big Ten, but there is reason for pessimism
  • Big test for the Terps on Saturday facing Purdue on the road
  • It’s been exceedingly difficult for the Terps to pull away from teams, would’ve liked for Maryland to stomp Michigan early and for good
  • Chris and CT would prefer if the Terps played more consistently inside-out
  • No definitive answer as to what’s ailing Melo Trimble, but his performance will determine how far Maryland goes the rest of the way
  • The guys are very pro-Brantley
  • Damonte Dodd had a pair of great defensive games, totaled 8 blocks
  • The second week of the tournament has to be the target zone for this team
  • Losing to Michigan State in the Big Ten tournament last year as tough, getting a crack in the title game would
  • CT thinks a team that plays big would be a good match-up for the Terps in the NCAA tournament. Chris thinks a team that plays fast and forces Maryland to do the same — like in the loss to UNC — would be the ideal match-up
  • *Without actually playing UNC
  • CT forgot about watching a Wizards game because he was so engrossed in the horror of the Minnesota loss
  • Michigan win wasn’t wholly inspiring