There’s a new NFL controversy and it’s sweeping the nation. It’s even got a catchy name; Deflate-gate.

It turns out that Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots intentionally inflated 11 of their 12 footballs two pounds per square inch below the NFL’s requirements. Those deflated footballs apparently affect how they travel in the air and are gripped by wide receivers.

Just imagine if the Pats didn’t cheat, maybe the Colts would’ve only lost by 30 points in Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

Anyway, everyone seems to be weighing in and taking shots at Belichick and the Patriots. Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty was on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk and took his shot:

[quote_box_center]“The Patriots are habitual line-steppers,” Canty said during an in-studio appearance.  “If the allegations are true, then you are talking about attacking the integrity of our game and I have an issue with that. . . . [W]hat I’m going to say about the deflating of the balls, to me there is no difference than performance-enhancing drugs.  You are cheating at that point.  You are getting a competitive advantage outside of the rule book and there has to be some sort of consequences for that.”[/quote_box_center]

PEDs, huh?