Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles

The results are in and to no one’s surprise, Miguel Cabrera took home the American League Most Valuable Player award for the second straight season. Cabrera received 23 first place votes and 385 total points, Angels outfielder Mike Trout received five first place votes and finished second with 282 points, while Orioles first baseman Chris Davis received one first place vote and 232 points.

Bill Ballou of the Worcester Telegraph and Gazette was the lone writer to give Davis a first place place.

Below are the writers who gave Davis a second place votes:

  • Mel Antonen – Sports Illustrated
  • Daryl Van Schouwen – Chicago Sun-Times
  • Patrick Borzi – Honorary
  • Jeff Wilson – Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Orioles third baseman Manny Machado finished ninth place in the voting with 57 points (2 fifth place votes, 1 sixth place vote, 2 seventh place votes, 5 eighth place votes, 5 ninth place votes and 7 10th place votes). Center fielder Adam Jones 13th with nine points (1 fourth place vote, 1 seventh place vote).