Odds That Chris Davis Hits Over 40 Home Runs This Season

Last season, Chris Davis surged with 53 home runs. After the first 13 games of the season, he’s hit just one and is on pace for just 12.

That’ll likely change with some warmer weather in the summer months. Davis’ bat has shown signs of life all season.

Will he reach 40 though?

Odds That The Orioles Win The AL East

The O’s haven’t won the American League East since 1997 and have posted just two winning seasons in their last 17 years. Could this finally be the season that they break through and finish atop baseball’s toughest division?

PECOTA from Baseball Prospectus predicts that the O’s will finish with 72 wins, in last place in the East. FanGraphs projects 78 wins — also last place.

Odds That Tommy Hunter Records Over 45 Saves

Jim Johnson recorded 101 saves over the past two seasons as the Baltimore Orioles closer. Can Tommy Hunter have similar success?

So far, Hunter has recorded three saves in four opportunities. He’s on pace for 37 on the season. Assuming the Orioles compete all season, there’s no reason to think the save opportunities won’t be there for whoever pitches in the ninth.

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