Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles first baseman

53 homers in 2013 wasn’t enough for Chris Davis. The Sun’s Dan Connolly asked Davis how many dingers he expects to hit in 2014 and the O’s slugger didn’t hesitate to give his answer.

“106 homers, 276 RBIs,” Davis deadpanned.

Yeah, he’s not exactly a ball of stress heading into a new season.

“It was a great year,” said Davis, who last season broke Brady Anderson‘s franchise record of 50 home runs after hitting 33 in 2012. “You can’t expect to go out and duplicate it. Once you have shown the ability to do it, obviously, there is the ability to do it again. But my goal is not to go out and hit 50 home runs again. My goal is to do whatever I have to do to get us to the postseason and be productive.”

That’d be one hell of a season. Like, twice as good as last year.

The projection systems don’t seem to believe that Davis can do it. PECOTA from Baseball Prospectus predicts 26 homers (26!?!?!?!?11!) while ZiPS from FanGraphs sees him leading all of baseball yet again with 41. Online casino Bovada gives Davis 8/1 odds to lead Major League Baseball in homers.