Cincinnati Bengals - Blackout

Nice job, Cincinnati. Way to represent the AFC North!’s Josh Alper shares that the Cincinnati Bengals are in danger of having their home playoff game against the San Diego Chargers blacked out on local TV.

The team announced that they received an extension from the league because of “strong ticket sales” that occurred on Thursday. The release from the Bengals also mentions support from several local businesses who have bought tickets that will provide tickets to military families through the Armed Forces Ticket Association as part of the reason why the extension was granted.

Unmentioned is the fact that the league would like to avoid the negative reaction that would come with a blackout of a postseason game, especially with two other teams trying to avoid that fate this weekend. The league has not had a postseason game blacked out since 2001.

Three NFL teams are facing blackouts this weekend? Whoa, hold on a second, is football dying?

The Indianapolis Colts are another team struggling to sell home postseason tickets, which always makes me chuckle when I think about drunk Bob Irsay moving Baltimore’s team to a city that *could* support it.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons