Listen up people, forget about what you’re hearing and reading every where else. Let me set the record straight for you.


I turned the radio on yesterday and listened to the talk radio personalities talk about these elaborate plans that Terrell Suggs had developed about a “package deal” for himself, Bart Scott, and Ray Lewis to stay in Baltimore.

We broke this story before most of the local Baltimore media, and we’re not going to BS you with a story that gets you excited about something that is a lie. We’ll quote Suggs and tell you the truth.

Yes. Terrell Suggs did use the words “home discount” in his interview with Zig Fracassi and Jim Miller of Sirius NFL Radio. Suggs said, “Hopefully we all can stay, definitely, on a home discount.”

Yes. Suggs did mention staying in Baltimore next season. “We really don’t want to see too many more of us walk away from the city of Baltimore,” Suggs said.

Yes. T-Sizzle did say that he wanted to play along side of Ray Lewis and Bart Scott next season. “To line up and see somebody [different] behind me in my case, or lining up seeing somebody different in Bart’s case, line up with somebody next to you and it’s not one of the greatest defensive players of all time, it’s going to be kind of weird,” Suggs said.

His comments did not mention specifics, it is important to remember that Suggs does not speak for Bart Scott or Ray Lewis. He is the youngest of the three. Ravens fans, remember that Suggs came to training camp last season far later than the rest of the team because of a disagreement with his contract.

Suggs was franchised last season and if he truly wants to stay with Scott and Lewis he will more than likely be franchised again in 2009. Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said that he will not franchise Ray Lewis. If Suggs is franchised again this year he will have to make 120% of his 2008 salary of $10.2 million.

It is all entirely possible and definitely worth be excited about, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves with this information.